NDA • Salesforce Ecosystem

2016   ·   Strategy,User Research,Interaction Design


A huge multinational company, leader in its market.

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Design a multi- touchpoint platform that supports the company sales-force, eliminating waste and inefficiency in all of the working processes and embracing all the cultural, linguistic and social differences between the different countries.

Research and design activities have been performed in 11 cities, 5 nations and 3 continents.

Aims and Objectives

  • Define a framework to address the needs of the researched profiles to let them better perform in their work
  • Deliver effectively brand contents, storytelling and product portfolio details to the sales-force
  • Harmonise and unify the multitude of the tools currently in use in one global modular platform
  • Develop a tool-set flexible to local requirements coherent with the global platform
  • Provide a hierarchical group of user roles in the system with a granular selection of permission
  • Use principles of social psychology to persuade users to embrace new positive behaviours that match business goals

My role

Lead Interaction Designer, working in a cross-functional team for Sketchin Design Studio.

I've been deeply involved in all the research and service design activities.


1. Context Assestment

Stakeholders Interviews • Stakeholder Relationships Mapping

2. Participatory Design

Customer Journey Map Workshop • Opportunity Workshop • Priority Workshop

3. User Research

Field Research • User Interviews

4. Customers Analysis

Personas • Scenarios • Customer Journey • User Roles

5. Design Strategy

Ecosystem Map • Design Pillars • Design Guidelines

6. Information Design

Content Types Definition • Information Architecture • User Flows

7. Content Strategy

Framework to allow the company to plan and build textual and media contents for the sales-force

8. Interaction Design

Lo-Fi Sketches • Hi-Fi Wireframes • Functional Specs

9. Evaluation

Usability Testings


The redesign project was one element of a larger and long lasting redesign project that the client is currently still undertaking.

So far the client has been very positive about the work that has been done by myself and the team at Sketchin.


Bob (Interaction Designer) 👈
Cesare (UX Architect)
Dario (Content Designer)
Laura (User Researcher)
Stefano (Visual Designer)
Valeria (Service Designer)

Thank you!