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2017   ·   Strategy,User Research,Interaction Design,E-Commerce


Musement is an international scale-up company that helps travellers enjoy in-destination experiences to the fullest, sourcing local knowledge and recommendations to make the best use of time.


Redesign the entire B2C experience, highlighting the different product verticals and the value proposition of the company.

Aims and Objectives

  • Study in depth the current customer journey, analysing pain points and gain points across different touchpoints
  • Optimise and enrich the overall experience with new features
  • Design a responsive website pattern library
  • Work with Lean and UX methodologies in an organisation which was new to them
  • Establish a design culture inside the company

My role

Lead UX Designer, working in a cross-functional team.

Reporting directly to C-Suite and working closely with the Product Manager, I was responsible for each stage of the UX Design process. I also lead the design team.


1. Context Assestment

Stakeholders Interviews • Data Analysis • Benchmarking • Competitors Analysis

2. Discovery

Empathy Map Workshop • Customer Journey Workshop • Value Proposition Workshop

3. User Research

Contextual Inquiry • Usability Testing

4. Customers Analysis

Data Validated Personas • Scenarios

5. Strategy

Experience Map • Design Pillars

6. Information Design

Content Type Definition • Content Hierarchy • Information Architecture • Tree Test • User Flows

7. Interaction Design

Lo-fi Sketches • Hi-fi Wireframes • Interactive Prototypes • Functional Specs

8. Testing

Agile Usability Testing

9. Design System

UI Toolkit • Atomic Design

10. Measure

A/B Testing • KPI Monitoring



Visit Average Time


Bounce Rate


Conversion Rate


Andrei (Product Manager)
Bob (Lead UX Designer) 😊
Cristian (Front-End Architect)
Jack (UI Designer)
Lidia (SEO Marketing Manager)
Lorenzo (Front-End Developer)
Luna (Graphic Designer)
Mattia (UI Designer)
Matteo (Front-End Developer)
Simone (Back-End Developer)
Steph (Copywriter)
Viola (Data Analyst)

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