Musement • Business Platform

2017   ·   Strategy,User Research,Interaction Design


Musement is an international scale-up company that helps travellers enjoy in-destination experiences to the fullest, sourcing local knowledge and recommendations to make the best use of time.


Create a new B2B experience, trough which Musement suppliers can easily perform complex tasks related to events tickets.

Aims and Objectives

  • Design an innovative platform able to differentiate Musement from its competitors and set a new standard in the industry
  • Reduce cognitive effort and required time to perform complex tasks
  • Design a flexible system for distinct categories of internal and external users, with different permissions and requirements

My role

Lead UX Designer, working in a cross-functional team.

Reporting directly to C-Suite and working closely with the Product Manager, I was responsible for each stage of the UX Design process. I also lead the design team.


1. Context Assestment

Stakeholders Interviews

2. User Research

Data Analysis • Surveys • User Interviews

3. Participatory Design

Customer Journey Workshop • Mixed Card Sorting Workshop

4. Customers Analysis

Scenarios, User Roles

5. Information Design

Content Types Definition • Contents Hierarchy • Information Architecture • Tree Test

6. Interaction Design

User Flows, Lo-fi Sketches, Hi-fi Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes, Functional Specs

7. Testing

Usability Testings on interactive hi-fi prototypes and on-line version



New Active Users


Average Task Time


Customer Support Inquiries


Bob (Lead UX Designer) 👈
Daniel (Copywriter)
Danilo (Front-End Architect)
Luigi (Product Manager)
Mattia (UI Designer)
Simone (Back-End Developer)

Thank you!