Hybrid designer who loves to craft meaningful digital products. Methodological by discipline, pragmatist by experience and empathetic by nature.


My professional journey is all about connecting the dots.

I first studied Computer Science and I started working as a front-end developer for a few years. This background helps me a lot in my design job but very soon I realised that what I’m really keen on is how human beings interact with machines.

Therefore I followed my inner voice and I took with honours a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design. I've been lucky to follow my intuition and to grow a lot along the path, gaining a strong and widespread expertise in different disciplines.

Over the years I had the chance to work for several design agencies where I've been involved in strategic design projects for rising startups and international high-profile clients, such as: Vodafone, Goodyear, Luxottica, GettyImages, BNP Paribas amongst others.


I currently work for Musement, a leading company in the travel sector, where I'm responsible for the overall user experience and I lead the design team.

I'm also a design teacher for some universities and I'm involved as a mentor in design workshop activities for corporate trainings.

Out of passion, I've also created UXers, a curated and carefully selected directory of User Experience Design players from all over the world that aims to continually reference the best players in the UX industry.

I've also been part of the jury of CSSDesignAwards, helping determine the best websites submitted, particularly from a UX point of view.


When I'm away from keyboard, I can be found travelling to a new destination, hiking a mountain, cuddling my two cats or especially attending a rock concert.
Also I’m down for a cup of strong coffee or a glass of red wine anytime.

Almost a hundred gigs attended so far. And counting.

Ain't no mountain high enough.

Professional Path

Product Designer

Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

Lead Product Designer & Product Owner

Musement (Milan, Italy)

Senior Experience Designer

Sketchin (Manno, Switzerland)

Senior Experience Designer

Sailogy (Chiasso, Switzerland)

User Experience Architect

Fullsix (Milan, Italy)

User Experience Designer

Digital Natives (Milan, Italy)

Interaction Designer

Twister Communications Group (Milan, Italy)

Frontend Developer & Interaction Designer

Red Point Communication (Milan, Italy)

Frontend Developer

A3+ (Milan, Italy)

Mentorship Activities

Service Design Mentor

Talent Garden (Milan, Italy)

Visiting Professor

TAG Innovation School (Milan, Italy)

Visiting Professor

POLI.Design (Milan, Italy)

Guest Lecturer

Università degli Studi di Pavia (Pavia, Italy)


Specialization Course

Stanford University

Fields of study: Human-Computer Interaction
Final mark: 97/100

Master's Degree

Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca

Fields of study: Interaction Design, Ergonomy, Cognitive Psychology
Graduation mark: 110/110 with honours

Bachelor's Degree

Università degli Studi di Milano

Fields of study: Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, Graphic Design
Graduation mark: 110/110